Mission Statement

To advance sustainable growth in recreational diving through conservation, promotion and representation.


“The CPR of diving”: Conservation, promotion and representation.

Purpose and Promise

Purpose: Underwater Africa attempts to serve its members by identifying key issues that affect the growth and success of recreational diving. It is the united voice that speaks on behalf of the sport and its operational function is to create focused programs that positively affect both recreational diving and the underwater environment.

Promise: Underwater Africa promotes the highest levels of cooperation among all the constituent groups who make up the recreational diving world. This is delivered through promoting both the sport and the conservation of the environment in which this is performed and representing the best interests of recreational divers with other parties such as government and media.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To foster and encourage the development and advancement of RECREATIONAL DIVING as a sport and recreational activity.
  2. To provide recreational diver’s representation in potential legislation that could affect recreational divers and recreational diving businesses.
  3. To inform and educate all parties of such regulations.
  4. To facilitate the process by which all persons may partake in recreational diving activities.
  5. To maintain a spirit of goodwill amongst all persons and organisations interested therein.
  6. To develop actively and assertively the recreational diving interest in the area of influence.
  7. To encourage high ideals, moral standards and ethics of sporting and business conduct.
  8. To motivate and facilitate the provision of adequate facilities for the practice and enjoyment of recreational diving.
  9. To culture and engender a spirit of conservation with respect to the underwater environment and its resources.